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Pathao Parcel Service is now available all Nepal: Find cost

Leading ride-sharing app Pathao has made its “Pathao Parcel” service available all over Nepal from May 31st, 2024 a few months after its launch on August 09, 2023. The service was launched marking the 4th anniversary of its Car Lite service. The company’s spokesman Shashank Thapa said the service will help customers deliver or receive goods within Kathmandu.

The company says that if the merchants within the Kathmandu Valley give more than 20 parcels weighing 1 kg, each parcel costs Rs 79 for delivery while pick up is free.

The service has come to full-scale extension after months of pilot project within Kathmandu. “The company has established offices across the country, Pathao spokesman Shashank Shumsher Thapa says, “In the last five months, Pathao Parcel has provided delivery services to over five hundred businesses and merchants.”

Pathao Parcel service is available from its mobile app. The company launched its shipping service with the slogan “Birsinu Ta Swabhahik Ho! Pathao Parcel Chhadai Chha Ni” (Forgetting is natural, but there’s Pathao Parcel).

The company says that it will provide a ‘dashboard’ to the merchants associated with Pathao Parcel and the merchants can monitor where their goods have reached through the dashboard itself.

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Pathao parcel delivery time

As for the delivery duration, Pathao says that the parcel will be delivered within 24 hours in the Kathmandu Valley, while it will take two days for delivery in the main cities across Nepal, and three days for other areas.

According to the company, cash on delivery money will be deposited in the merchant’s account within 48 hours. The company says that since it has its own hub in all the main cities of Nepal, Pathao Parcel is becoming the largest delivery network in the country.

The merchant will receive the cash on delivery after 48 hours of deposit. With a strong network of hubs across Nepal, Pathao says that it’s building Nepal’s largest delivery to date.

Pathao says that it has been able to deliver over 50 thousand parcels a month during its experiment period.

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Pathao Parcel service is available 24×7

Pathao Parcel service runs 24 hours. Goods up to 2 kilograms can be shipped with this service. The service was in trial for some time before becoming commercially available.

You can use this service to send gifts, documents, electronics, package, accessories.

Pathao originally began with ridesharing on motorbikes in September 2018 and started a taxi ride-sharing service on August 09, 2019. Pathao recently added Car Plus service with a premium travel experience.

Thapa added that affordability, digital payment, live tracking, and insurance of up to 10 lakhs have made the Car Lite service growingly popular. Currently, over 8 thousand taxis are connected with the Pathao ride-sharing service.

Tell us what you think of Pathao Parcel service available across the country. Will you be using the service for documents or parcel delivery? Let us know below.

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