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Upper Chameliya hydroelectricity project inaugurated, 40MW

The 40MW-capacity Upper Chameliya hydroelectric project established in Darchula, Marma Rural Municipality has been inaugurated on July 24.

The project which is built on private investment was formally begun following its successful testing which lasted 3 days since Friday.

The project cost Rs 8.50 billion and took 30 months to complete, 9 months ahead of its original schedule. After testing the 6,100-meter penstock pipeline, 3 turbines, generator, and equipment, it was brought into operation, managing director Sanjiv Neupane said. The test was started by dropping the “stream” from the dam in Marma-01 into the powerhouse in Ghattegad.

 Chief District Officer CDO of Darchula Kiran Joshi and Chairperson of Marma Rural Municipality Jamansingh Dhami jointly inaugurated the ambitious Upper Chameliya Hydro project.  

upper chameliya hydroelectric project

Earlier, Solu Khola Hydro was also brought into operation. Likewise, Api Power House started two projects using the stream of Dhuligada. About half a dozen hydropower projects are nearing their completion.  

The generated electricity of Upper Chameliya is connected to the National Transmission Line through a substation located in Shailyashikhar Municipality-1 Walanch.

Around 18,149 MW of power could be generated from Far West Province only.

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