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Government to Construct Balambu-Kalanki Flyover, Cost 13 BN

The Government is set to propose Japan for the feasibility study of the Balambu-Kalanki flyover that will cost Rs 13 billion. Physical Infrastructure and Transport Ministry has recommended National Planning Commission offer Japan the study.

The flyover is closely tied to the Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel road construction. When the country’s first large-scale tunnel road comes into operation, the Balambu-Kalanki road is expected to become the most hectic. To address the possible congestion, the Government of Nepal has ventured into the Balambu-Kalanki overpass construction.

There is a chance that the Japanese company will get the proposal to build the flyover bridge. The Japanese company is also working on the Nagdhunga-Naubise tunnel road.

The tunnel road project has conducted a small survey on the flyover already. The study found that the distance between Balambu and Kalanki is 5 km and recommends that only a 4 km flyover would be sufficient. The study reported that a flyover could be constructed just over the under-construction road.

The project chief Nareshman Shakya had first teased the idea for the flyover. The PM office had also directed the concerned authority to proceed with the feasibility study and thus the project file was submitted to the Physical Infrastructure and Transport Ministry and the Finance Ministry for approval.

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Balambu-Kalanki flyover will cost 13 billion project

The Balambu-Kalanki flyover will cost the government Rs 13 billion and could take 3 years to complete. The government is paying Rs 52 lakh per 42.25 square feet (1 ana) but this could increase to Rs 60 lakh soon. Shakya has shared that the flyover could be constructed at the cost of Rs 30 lakh per meter.

The flyover is expected to ease the hectic traffic on the Balambu-Kalanki road. The government would start the construction after the feasibility report is submitted.

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