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Vehicle Scanner at Nagdhunga Installed for Registration and data

Chandragiri Municipality has installed a vehicle scanner at Nagdhunga, the busy entry point into Kathmandu. The ‘first-time-in-Nepal’ system will help the authorities keep the record of vehicles more conveniently at the checkpoint.

For the implementation of the machine in the first phase, the municipality has talked with high-tier authorities of the Nepal Police, Transport Division, and other concerned stakeholders.

So far, the Nepal Police have been keeping records of the vehicles entering and leaving Kathmandu by hand. Now, the machine is expected to ease the workload and bring convenience.

“From the perspective of security of the Kathmandu Valley, it is essential to have a ‘Vehicle Scanning Machine’ in Nagadhunga, Mayor Ghanshyam Giri said, ‘Even in the age of technology, how many days should it take to keep records of vehicles by hand?’

The vehicle scanner keeps records by ‘scanning’ the vehicle along with the driver and the passengers as both. The system will help in security and traffic management.

The machine is estimated to have cost the municipality around 25 million.

The municipality has also urged other municipal authorities to get the machine in their respective jurisdiction.

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The Vehicle Scanner at Naghdhunga Draws attention to the Kathmandu Metropolitan

The vehicle scanner has also caught the attention of Balen Sah, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan.

He remade, “I am positive about installing a vehicle scanner at Naghdhunga. We can also discuss cooperation regarding the procurement of the machine. “If possible, let’s also set up a ‘washing machine’ at the checking point,” he teased.

Similarly, Chandragiri Municipality plans for CCTV installation along the Kalanki – Naghdhunga highway. As per the plan, 80 CCTV cameras and 500 lights have been installed in the first phase.

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In the first phase, 80 high-tech CCTV cameras and around 500 street lights were installed on that road section,” Mr. Giri shared.

The vehicle scanner at Nagdhunga will save time for the authority as well as the travelers through the hectic entry point. How relieving is the news to you? Do you think other local bodies must also follow the suit soon? You can share in the comments below.

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