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Kulman Ghising Reveals Plan for Digital NEA | Digital Nepal

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) will be transformed into a digital NEA. Kulman Ghising, the authority’s MD, revealed the digital transformation plan as he presented its 37th annual report.

The authority intends gradually turn its services digital for a more efficient customer service delivery.

The digitalization of NEA will help render ICT-related works secure, reliable, and of higher quality. The digital NEA will be in line with the ethos enshrined in the Digital Nepal Framework.

The authority will implement Security Information and Event Management System to keep the authority’s ICT system free from unauthorized access, and possible cyber breach and ensure uninterrupted service delivery,” Ghising said.

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Digital NEA initiatives

He also talked about how NEA intends to forward with its digital initiatives. He said the programs such as Enterprises Resources Planning, GIS Mapping, Revenue Management System, Smart Metering, Substation Automation, and Data Centers will be further optimized and implemented in the coming days.

He also revealed that all the households in the Kathmandu valley will have their analog meters replaced with smart meters by the end of the Fiscal Year 2079/80.

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Besides, substations will be incorporated into Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition and all the offices will be operated via a data center in Syuchatar. For this, all the NEA offices and substations will be integrated into the ICT network.

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