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GGGI and NEA to Work on Green Hydrogen Tech in Nepal

  • GGGI and NEA have signed an agreement to work on green hydrogen tech in Nepal
  • Various entities in a partner will produce green hydrogen and ammonia

GGGI (Global Green Growth Institute), an inter-governmental organization, (NEA) Nepal Electricity Authority, and KU (Kathmandu University) will work together to produce green hydrogen and ammonia for fertilizer production in Nepal. Kathmandu University (KU) will also take an active part in this ‘green’ initiative.

Managing Director of NEA Kulman Ghising and Director General of GGGI Frank Rijsberman signed the MoU to formalize the partnership. The partnership was signed in the presence of Pampha Bhusal, the Minister of Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation. 

The two organizations will now conduct a feasibility study to set up a fertilizer factory. The factory is to produce hydrogen, ammonia, and urea fertilizer using green technology. The project is considered to be an important step toward lessening Nepal’s dependency on foreign traders for manure and for the green hydrogen technology itself. Also read: You Can Convert Your Petrol Vehicle into an Electric Vehicle

Utilizing surplus energy for the best use of it

Energy minister Bhusal called it an important step to increase locally generated power.

“It is an important project to utilize surplus power generated in Nepal. It will greatly contribute to the green energy consumption produced from Nepali hydropower. It will open a new door for energy consumption in the country,” the minister said.

Likewise, NEA MD Kulman Ghising shared his similar delight in the project. Hydrogen, ammonia production, and making a fertilizer factory is a great utility for electricity that comes through the hydropower projects,” he said.

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KU also tied in on the project

Similarly, NEA has also signed an agreement with Kathmandu University to promote green hydrogen technology in Nepal.

The partnership will last 5 years. As per the agreement, KU will initiate 3 Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Green Hydrogen Technology in Nepal.

Hydrogen can be used in energy, chemical, and other industries. It is also used significantly for ammonia and urea production. NEA will utilize surplus electricity to produce hydrogen through electrolysis.

NEA MD Ghising says the partnership could become a milestone in Nepal’s hydrogen technology.

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