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Hamro Patro starts Telehealth service in Changunarayan

Hamro Patro has begun its telehealth service in Changunarayan Municipality, Bhaktapur. The service came into operation after it went live for the local government.

With the online health service, the local government will be able to provide free consultations for senior citizens, differently-abled, people, and students from doctors inside the municipality.

Hamro Patro Telehealth service in Changunarayan Municipality

Jivan Khatri, the mayor of Changunarayan Municipality inaugurated the Hamro Patro telehealth service by consulting with doctor Shailesh Twanabasu.

“According to the objective of the municipality, I believe that this service will strengthen our motive to provide health services to the citizens. In a city like ours where there are geographical and transportation hazards, the service provided in collaboration with Hamro Patro will make it easier for the elderly children and the citizens to receive online health services as it is physically difficult for them to reach the city hospital,” said Khatri.

He added that ‘Hamro Patro Health’ has managed to connect over three thousand people and more than 200 doctors of 24 specializations from Nepali villages, cities, and diaspora with internet access within one year of its establishment.

Likewise, Hamro Patro founder CEO Shankar Uprety also expressed his delight at the launch of its online health platform in the municipality. He said, “We are happy to be able to connect more people in the country to the health service.”

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Hamro Patro’s telehealth platform lets users find specialist doctors online, take appointments and receive consultations, prescriptions, follow-ups, etc.

Hamro Patro’s Telehealth platform was launched in November 2021.

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