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Grantha to build an electric vehicle plant in Bhairahawa, find scooter price

Grantha Electric Vehicle Private Limited is set to build an electric vehicle assembly plant in Bhairahawa at the cost of Rs 5 crore. The company will first build scooters and then four-wheeler EVs. Find the possible price of the Nepali-made Grantha scooter below.

The project will start in Falgun, the company’s Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sujan Dhungel said. The plant will stretch over 10,000 sq ft. The construction of the plant is expected to complete in Jestha, 2080 BS.

The plant will start with assembling two-wheeler scooters followed by four-wheelers.

The company has already started assembling electric scooters in China. The company has leased a Chinese plant to start its work until its ready in Bhairahawa.

It expects to bring 100 electric scooters in over a month’s period off its temporary
Chinese plant. Many automakers have started building an assembly plant in Nepal lately. But Grantha is a Nepali company and will add significant value to the country’s manufacturing sector. Yamaha and Hero have already started their assembly plant project in Nepal.

At the same time, Yatri is another Nepali company that has launched electric scooters. Find Yatri Project 0 price in Nepal.

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Grantha electric scooter could drive down the price of EVs in Nepal

Once the company launches its EVs in the Nepali market, Grantha could play a role in driving down the price of EVs in Nepal. EVs that enter Nepal or parts used to build EVs in Nepal are very costly because they are imported from the same vendor. The monopoly has played its part in maintaining a high cost for EVs.

To address this, Grantha buys its required parts from various providers. Whichever company provides satisfactory goods, imports them. So, we can expect the company to launch affordable EVs in Nepal. The company says buyers can expect to get affordable EV lineups compared to what’s in the existing Nepali market. Its EVs are being made suited to the Nepali roads.

Grantha scooter features

Grantha scooters will employ side driver motors. It helps ride EVs up and down the hill easily. The motor also provides efficient and powerful performance. Dhungel asserts that Grantha uses the world’s prominent “side drive motor” technology. The CEO adds that even tesla uses the same side drive motor.

The scooters will get a lithium iron phosphate battery which lasts longer. The company will provide 3 years warranty on batteries and motors.

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Grantha scooter range

Grantha scooter will give a 110km range on a full charge. It will take 4 and a half hours to completely charge the scooters. The battery break regenerated system will convert energy put on applying brakes to charge the battery. Plus, it will support fast-charging technology.

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Grantha Scooter price in Nepal

The company’s CEO Dhungel says the price of the Grantha scooter will be around 2 to 3 lakhs. He believes the cost could go further low if the government relaxes taxes.

The price could become greatly convenient for Nepali consumers looking for a two-wheeler EV. The company seems to be cashing in on the growing fondness for electric vehicles and the cost factor could play to its advantage. At the same time, Made in Nepal tag could only reinforce its market prospects.

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