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Hero Bikes and Scooters Will be Assembled in Nepal

Soon, Hero bikes and scooters will be assembled in Nepal. After the government cut excise duty, the Indian automobile company is preparing to start assembling its popular lineups in Nepal.

NGM Private Limited, Hero’s official seller in Nepal has started constructing the assembly plant in Parwanipur, Bara. The plant will cost Rs 60 crores and the plan has been approved by Hero MotoCorp.

Dr. Rup Jyoti, the chairman of Jyoti Group which imports and distributes Hero bikes and scooters in Nepal said that the concession on excise duty has made it very conducive to open an assembly plant in Nepal. He said to Bizmandu that the plant will be ready in a year.

 “It won’t take long to set up the plant. We have already conducted a study on it. We have decided on it after the excise duty cut,” he said.

The Government of Nepal (GoN) has implemented an excise duty rebate of 50% and 25% on customs duty on vehicle assembly products.

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40 thousand units of Hero bikes and scooters will be assembled in Nepal

Ever dominant in Nepal, the plant will produce 40 thousand units of Hero motorcycles and scooters annually in Nepal. But the number could change as per the demand meanwhile, it would also generate employment for 140 people.  

Mr. Jyoti shared that popular Hero two-wheelers will be assembled in Nepal. He said the list includes entry-level to high-end two-wheelers.

Hero’s Splendor, Super Splendor, Passion Pro, Glamour, Karizma ZMR, Xtreme 200R, Destiny 125, Xpluse 200T, etc. will be assembled in Nepal.

Xtreme 200R

The two-wheelers coming from the plant in Nepal will also be cheaper than the market price.

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Would you be eager for Hero’s bikes and scooters to come through the assembly plant in Nepal? What would be your expectations for the price? You can share in the comments below.

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