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Tater Group Entering Motorcycle business, Plant in Jeetpur

Tater Group is entering the automobile business. The group has committed to manufacturing 8 thousand motorcycles annually at the department of industry.

The company has registered its vehicle business under TG Auto Group.

Tater Group is a prominent business group in Nepal whose business spans the banking to the IT industry. Now, the group is also stepping into the motorcycle business.

Making its ambition clear and firm, the company has already registered two new vehicles project at the department of industry in Bhadra.

The group will build its assembly plant in Jeetpur, Simara.

Tater Group has a diverse business in banking, manufacturing, etc. but it’s now spreading the wings further into the automobile business.

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Tater Group to spend big and employ dozens

The assembly plant currently has a budget of Rs 38 crore and will run on 500 kVa of electricity. It will expectedly employ 67 people.

In recent months, many companies have announced and have already advanced their vehicle assembly plants in Nepal.

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After the government went very soft on excise and customs duty, many companies have been inspired to manufacture vehicles locally.

Yamaha, Hero, and other companies are getting ready to assemble popular lineups in Nepal.

Tater Group has investments in energy, construction, energy, IT and banking, etc., and now tapping into the automobile business.

What is your take on the growing number of businesses starting their own assembly plant to bring vehicles to the local market in Nepal? Will it make the price more competitive? Do share what you think in the comments below.

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