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Government to Start E-Pension in Nepal

The government is preparing for the start of e-pension in Nepal. The system will ride the pensioners of the walks to the office to the Department of Civil Personnel Records to gather their pension documents. The depart called Rastriya Kitabkhana is conducting a study under an expert team for the proposed e-pension system and will submit its feasibility report for the implementation in a few months, Gorkhapatra writes.

So far retired ‘public servants’ have to visit the designated pension offices to prepare their documents pertaining to pension. With e-payment soon to be implemented, the department (Kitabhkhana) will digitalize retirees’ unique ID numbers to authenticate related services for them. This will be convenient for the pensioners as the online system spares them a walk to the office themselves.

The depart (Kitabkhana, public service) Director-General Baburaj Shrestha said an expert team is engaged in a feasibility assessment for e-pension. Once its study completes, it will submit the report to the authority.

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E-pension in Nepal, a part of broader digitalization

It is the first time the government of Nepal is starting an online system for pensioners. Shrestha says that from now on employees will be informed about their retirement approaching six months. The depart will dispatch other information such as pension scale, concerning office, and the bank to receive the pension amount online.

The e-pension initiation follows the government’s larger goals of digitalization. It goes along with the digitalization of the employees’ appointment letters, education qualifications, transfers, promotions, etc. Shrestha says it will take around one year to implement e-pension.

For now, employees’ details are being updated online. The next retirees’ details will be directly stored online for the feasibility of the pension works. The e-pension system will establish a transparent, direct, and fair government service. It will cut down expenses on travel, spare travel, and deliver the pensions swiftly.

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The Department of Civil Personnel Records has stated there are 1 lakh retirees already receiving pensions only in the public service. While they will be the first to benefit from the e-pension rollout, more will follow later on.

Should the government make all its services contactless and encourage paperless works for the public? Do leave your opinions in the comments below.

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