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Free-Fire Shifting Nepali Players to The Bangladesh Server

The popular smartphone game Free-Fire is transferring Nepal-based players to the Bangladesh server. The game’s developer and publisher Garena notified the Nepali users via its in-game News section and called it an attempt to optimize and improve the gaming experience for Nepali gamers.

Garena says the account transfers will start with effect from March 21st. The players will receive an in-game email between March 18 – 20 regarding the server change.

Free-Fire shifting Nepali Players to The Bangladesh Server

However, the players will be able to play the game unaffected during the server transfer. But ever since the notice broke, players have been exploring the ins and outs of the effects this change will bring to their gaming account experience. For which, Free-Fire has itself tried to address these concerns with a set of FAQs which we will put down below.

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Free-Fire Shifting Nepali Players to the Bangladesh server | Key Questions Answered

Many have been left wondering what will be the impact of playing on Bangladesh servers. However, Garena has called it an attempt to ‘optimize’ the gaming experience and there will be only a few changes for the players when they start playing on the new server.

When will the server transfer begin?

As stated, the account transfer will begin on March 21st. And the players will feel the change when they relaunch the game and log back into the gaming account. The change is supposed to improve gaming but it won’t be for everyone. Garena says, only Nepal-based users will be switched to the Bangladesh server.

What will happen to Guild, and Pass?

Regarding the Guild status, Garena says, if a Nepali player is a Guild leader, all the players in it, including India-based will be transferred to the new server. However, they won’t be able to play together under the new setup. So, the user will be given an option to remove the members in the Guild manually. In case you are a member of a Guild with an Indian leader, you will receive a notification to change your Guild.

Will there be any change in the in-game settings?

Yes, During the transfer of the account, your game settings including HOD will be reset. Therefore, the players will have to set up their preferences again after the switch to the Bangladesh server. Also, remember that the match stats played on the Indian server will be ‘lost.’

Why Free-Fire is Shifting Nepali Players to Bangladesh Servers?

Most probably, it has to do with the load. Indian server is immensely crowded and as a result, gamers face glitches and high ping. And for a battle royale game like Free-Fire, milliseconds of a key input make a monumental difference. Slow game load, reduced server response are detrimental to a joyful online gaming experience. By switching to the Bangladesh server, Free-Fire is purposely optimizing the game for the better for Nepali players.

Meanwhile, transitioning Nepali players to Bangladesh servers will also release the load on the India server. This will help India-based players to feel a slight improvement in the in-game response. So it has benefits both sides. Bangladesh server is recently set up so it is light enough to ensure an even more responsive game for the emigrating Nepali players.

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Another Possible Reason!

Besides of course the reason to optimize the gaming, there could likely be a political undertone for the imminent server transfer. Garena Free-Fire is banned in India since February 14th along with 53 others though a version of the game still exists in India and is thriving. Since 2020, the number of banned Chinese apps in India has totaled 224. This includes WeChat, UC Browser to blockbuster TikTok.

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So being a Chinese app, Garena can’t rule out a total exodus in the future. Therefore, a switch to a Bangladesh server will also be a preparation for a larger plan.

How much do you play Free-Fire? Will switching to Bangladesh be a major concern to you? You can share your opinion in the comments below.

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