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Speed radar to check speeding vehicles in Kathmandu, find where they are used

Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police is installing speed radar (speed camera) in three areas inside Kathmandu to check on speeding vehicles. The authority believes the use of this technology will help minimize incidents resulting from overspeeding vehicles and improve road safety.

The technology involves a speed camera that detects vehicles’ number plates and detects the speed of moving vehicles. In technological terms, the radar gun system includes automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system with speed detection. It helps police to check on vehicles that are running at speed beyond not permitted.

Spokesperson of the office and Senior Superintendent of Police Rajendra Prasad Bhatt said, “Currently, we have started the installation of NPR cameras at three places. Our plan is to gradually install cameras in more places in areas of congested traffic.”

Kathmandu has been taking a lot of measures to keep its road safer. The traffic police use drug testing machine, while the metro city also has tested Pelican Crossing. Speed camera technology is the latest addition used to make traffic operations safer in the city.

Where are speed radar in Kathmandu?

At the moment, the traffic police are installing speed radars in three areas in Kathmandu- Koteshwor near Bhatbhateni supermarket, Mahalaxmisthan, and in the middle of Dhobhighat and Sanepa. The radar cameras in these areas will soon come into operation to avert overspeed and ease possible road accidents.

The authority says that the camera monitors the real-time speed of vehicles and if any vehicle is found to be overspeeding, the data of the vehicle is wired to the traffic police’s control room. As the speed camera also detects number plates, the authority can easily identify the vehicle and process them for speed violation.

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The speed camera also serves as a human hand for service. If a traffic police is not available, the ANPR camera does the work as efficiently.

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