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Government to award Rs 5 lakh per flight to planes that fly from Pokhara and Gautam Buddha International Airports

Cultural, Tourism, and Civil Aviation Minister Sudan Kirati has announced that the government would award Rs 5 per flight for aircraft that fly from International Airports in Pokhara and Bhairahawa.  He said that the governments has given priority to work on ensuring regular flight operations from Pokhara International Airport and the Gautam Buddha International Airport in Bhairahawa (GBIA).

The minister made the revelation while speaking to a delegate of the Nepal Association of Travels and Tour Agents (NATTA). The move will seek to inspire mobility at the two recently constructed international airports that have been largely out of flights for the lack of international flights putting billions of investments in risk.

Sudan kirati and Natta 5 lakh per flight gautam buddha pokhara international airports
In the picture: Sudan Kirati and NATTA representatives, Lumbini

He said, “We are trying to ensure international flights start from Bhairawa and Pokhara as soon as possible. We are preparing a plan to award five lakh rupees for each flight as an incentive to those who fly regularly from Gautam Buddha International Airport in Bhairahawa and Pokhara International Airport in Pokhara.”

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The government is ready to use Nepal Airlines aircraft in Pokhara and Bhairahawa

Minister Kirati said that the Civil Aviation Ministry is ready to mobilize its airplanes in Bhairahawa. “We have fewer planes, but it’s a must to fly from Bhairahawa and Pokhara. We are ready for that, tourism professionals like you should give positive support.” The minister also said that the government is concerned about the lack of international flight counts from Bhairahawa where the state has invested over Rs 43 billion, and has the investment of Rs 65/70 billion from the private sector. Pokhara International Airport cost the government around Rs 41 billion.

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In the discussion with the Minister, Sanjib Joshi, coordinator of the International Air Transport Coordination Committee of Natta Lumbini, demanded that international flights commence immediately from the Bhairahawa Airport. Natta Lumbini’s outgoing president Sagar Adhikari stressed that Nepal Airlines Corporation should start international flights from Bhairahawa Airport. He declared, “Allow Nepal Airlines Corporation aircraft for Bhairahawa-Delhi, Bhairahawa-Kathmandu, and we will ensure fully accommodated flights.”

Despite being operational for months, both international airports in Pokhara and Bhairawaha are running risk of plunging the government funds. So, the government is stepping up its efforts to ensure they start boarding for foreign destinations.

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