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90% of aviation disasters due to in-route weather-CAAN

Pradip Adhikari, the General Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) said that the majority of plane crashes have occurred due to the in-route weather. Recently, Adhikari claimed that around 90% of air mishaps happen because the aircraft “enter the clouds” during their flights.

He said that due to the aircraft operating in the opposite in-route weather, the number of disasters has increased. After coming under pressure for allowing flights after 12 o’clock in remote locations, the authority chair made the claim at a press conference.

Authority maintained that it introduced new criteria in place as stringent measures to control aviation risks. “Till 1990, flights to remote areas were not allowed. Even today, flights after 12 o’clock are allowed in clear weather conditions,” the authority said.

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Not all flights are curbed

Adhikari added that in favorable weather conditions, food transport rescue operations are allowed with no restrictions. Similarly, Gyanendra Bhul, the Information Officer at CAAN remarked that risking people’s lives is not permissible. “Flights must conform to the regulations. “Earning profit doesn’t mean risking people’s lives. Banning flight operations is not our purpose,” he said.

Bhul shared that after the tragic Yeti Airline crash in Pokhara, CAAN has been making changes to existing regulations to make aviation safer. He also referred to the zero aviation fatalities policy 2030 international civil aviation organization has taken to justify the authority’s moves.

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EU’s Blacklisting

Lately, CAAN has been making new changes in flight operations. While some have argued that the attempt is to limit airline companies’ flights, sources tell that the purpose is to get a favorable verdict and remove itself from the EU’s blacklisting.

PM Prahanda has also endorsed tighter safety regulations to convince the EU to keep Nepali companies from the blacklist.

Nepal has been on the EU’s blacklist for 9 years. CAAN says its slight changes to the existing rules will not just make flights safer but also convey a better impression globally.

Unfortunately, Nepal has been prone to aviation disasters. But do you agree that in-route weather could be the reason for such a high majority of plane crashes in Nepal? Do leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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