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CAAN Issues New Mountain Flight Provision After Another Helicopter Disaster, Ban Till September

Nepal Civil Aviation Authority has introduced a new mountain flight rule after two helicopter tragedies in a span of two months while the authority has also slapped a ban on such flights till September.

The authority has banned non-essential flights including mountain flights, ceiling, and flower showers (pushpa brishti) till September. Jagannath Niraula, the spokesperson for the Authority, informed that flight restrictions have been imposed in these three areas in view of the accident.

“In view of the recent mishaps, CAAN has banned three types of flights until September,” he said. The measures are expected to help avoid disasters which seem to have become more common in recent months. On July 11 the most recent, 6 died in a Manang Air helicopter Airbus H125 crash near Mount Everest. You may also like to read: Dangerous Flight Crashes in Nepal, Aircrafts, and Fatalities

The authority has maintained that no one can fly anywhere except their destination and while flying in non-designated areas, permission from the aviation department at the authority has been made mandatory.

In addition to this, it has been mentioned that in case the captains happen to own the helicopter won’t be allowed to participate in a fight.

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Owner captains” are not allowed aboard a helicopter

Similarly, the authority has arranged that the captain who owns the helicopter company will not be allowed to participate in the flight. Two months ago, a SimriK Air helicopter crashed on a cargo flight in Sankhuwasabha. This was followed by the most recent Manag Air tragedy. These two incidents compelled the authority to review and bring the new mountain flight provision into effect.

Besides, CAAN has also been installing weather cameras to reduce the risk of aviation disasters in the Northern areas of Nepal. Let’s hope the measures put in place will prove effective while more practical regulations are implemented to keep make flights safe and secure in Nepal.

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