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How to Check the Flight Status of Nepali Airlines, Find Here

Checking the flight status has been quite easier with the internet and smartphones. Air travel has also grown massively being a fast-paced transport medium. Getting info about the flight schedule, flight time, check-in time and estimated time of arrival/landing is very necessary for passengers as well as their families. In this article, let’s know how to check the flight status of Nepali Airlines.

Using Flightradar24 App/Website

Flightradar24 is arguably the most helpful app for tracking the live flight status of aircraft worldwide. The app provides all the info regarding flight schedules, the actual position of aircraft in the airspace, status of landing/take-off, etc. For nerds, it also provides the name, registration number, altitude, ground speed, track, etc. for the aircraft too.

How to Check the Flight Status of Nepali Airlines via Flightradar24?

  • Open the Flightradar24 app or website.
  • Go towards the search section and enter the flight number, for eg. YT922 is the flight number for the Yeti Airlines flight from Bhadrapur to Kathmandu. (Flight Number is mentioned in the air ticket).
  • Then it will show the Live status of the aircraft and its position in the airspace if it has taken off.
  • If the aircraft has not taken off, it will show its scheduled departure time. In case of delay, it will also show the flight has been delayed. This works for international airlines mostly.
How to Check Flight Status of Nepali Airlines via Flightradar24
Flight Status of YT922 BDP to KTM flight on Flightradar24 App

Flightradar24 also shows the air routes and can track commercial flights across the world. If a flight has gone for a go-around due to traffic or weather, it can show the track of that go-around too. The app/platform has been a boon for aviation enthusiasts as well as passengers and their families.

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How to Check Yeti Airlines Flight Status

There are other ways for checking the status of the domestic airlines in Nepal. To check about the check-in, departure, and arrival status of Yeti Airlines, you can follow these steps;

  • First, you can visit this Yeti Airlines website.
  • The webpage will show all the existing flight schedules for the day. So, it’s better to input the destination of to and form. For eg, Kathmandu to Pokhara.
  • You can get all the info such as Origin, Destination, Flight No, Status, Estimated Time of Departure (ETD), and Revised Time.

Likewise, one can also get notified about the status of check-in, boarding, revised time of take-off or change in schedule, flight cancellation, etc.

How to Check Yeti Airlines Flight Status via Yeti's Website
Yeti Airlines Flight Status on Website

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How to Check Budhha Air Flight Status

  • For checking the Buddha Air flight status, you can head to this Budhha Air’s website.
  • It requires you to put the flight destination, for eg, Kathmandu to Biratnagar. After inputting, it will show the flight numbers of the particular destination along with other flights.
  • It will also show information regarding Flight No, Departure, Arrival, Flight Time, Revised Time, Flight Status, and Flight Remarks.

Similarly, any change in schedule or flight cancellation is also shown in the list.

How to Check Budhha Air Flight Status
Buddha Air Flight Status

How to Check Himalaya Airlines Flight Status

  • You can visit the Himalaya Airlines website first.
  • Then, you have the option to input the destination or there is a visible list of all the flights on the same page.
  • The webpage allows you to see information such as Flight No, Departure, Arrival, Origin, Destination, Terminal, Live Status, etc.
How to Check Himalaya Airlines Flight Status
Himalaya Airlines Flight Status

Similarly, some other airlines operating from Nepal like Shree Airlines have their websites for flight tracking while some don’t. For eg, for the state-owned carrier, Nepal Airlines, there is no flight tracking website from the company itself. In that case, you can always rely on the Flightradar24 app for tracking the Live status of aircraft.

On that app, you can also go to the airports on the map to view the live air traffic and flight schedules for the day. It is always better to input the flight numbers for convenience.

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So that was all about how to check the flight status of Nepali Airlines. How often do you check the flight status? Isn’t it pretty handy to know where a flight is heading too and other necessary info?

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