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Nepal Airlines to Provide In-Flight WiFi Service

  • Nepal Airlines to provide in-flight WiFi service
  • The privilege would be available to passengers on foreign flights on wide-body aircraft
  • The airline has formed a committee to study the prospects and could launch the service this year

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) is in plans to provide in-flight WiFi service this year. Reportedly, the airline will offer the service on foreign flights on wide-body aircraft.

The decision to add WiFi on its flight comes as part of the company’s drive to improve its services. The flag carrier has also formed a 9-member committee to discuss the prospects. And if everything goes to plan, the passengers could enjoy broadband WiFi while on board.

In June 2021, NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) had given foreign ISPs approval for providing WiFi service making Nepal only the third country in South Asia to give such a service. India and Afghanistan have already been providing such services in the region.

In Nepal, it is established that airline companies willing to offer in-flight WiFi service must first get approval from NTA. Then, they should seek permission from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

 With the initiative, NAC is set to become the first airline company in Nepal to provide in-flight internet service.

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How does an in-flight WiFi service work?

In-flight WiFi establishes the connection with the help of a satellite. NTA Director Ambar Sthapit has said, “Airlines will get a picocell to install on their planes. The picocells serve a similar function to 4G base stations.

Then, the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) gets a transmission link via a satellite. Also important, whichever country the aircraft is from it will use that country’s telecom service.

So, it is likely that users of in-flight WiFi services will incur international roaming charges when they fly beyond the Nepali sky.   

And speaking about foreign companies offering such services, Sthpait added, “Foreign telecom operators will be operating in our sky to offer internet in their flights. That is the reason, they need to receive permission from Nepali authorities.”    

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