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Nepal Airlines Corporation sees double revenue growth, increasing by 144% in three years

The government-owned Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) also called Nepal Wayusewa Nigam has seen its revenue double in the last three years. The company’s revenue growth increased by 144% in three years.

The flag carrier has offered insights into its financial details via a notice.

As per the company, the auditor general’s audit report has it that the company generated 9 arab, 10 crore, 97 lakh, 31 thousand, and 845 in revenue in Fiscal Year FY 2077-78. The figure improved to Rs 16 arab, 46 crore, 32 lakh, 60 thousand, and 333 in FY 2078-79.

In FY 2079/80, NAC’s total revenue growth hit Rs 22 arab, 24 crores, 19 lakh, and 78 thousand, the company’s spokesman Ramesh Paudel issued a press note mentioning.

Nepal Airlines Corporation RevenueFiscal year
Rs 22.24 arab2077/78
Rs 16.46 arab2078/79
Rs 9.10 arab2079/80

NAC reiterates “Looking at these figures, the company achieved 144% revenue growth over three years.”

The airline company operates its international flights with 8 aircraft while for domestic service, it has 2 planes onboard.

The company has been seeing signs of progressive and positive financial growth which is good as government enterprises don’t have the best records when it comes to turning the company profitable.

“In order to address the current market demand and competitively generate more income by marketing, the corporation lacks a sufficient number of airplanes, so the necessary action plan is being made and the work is being done in this direction,” said the statement.

Check out NAC’s press note:

nepal airlines corporation double revenue
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