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Buddha Air Buys New ATR Plane, Commercial Service in a Month

Nepal’s leading private airline company Buddha Air has added another ATR aircraft to its fleet. The new addition takes the count of its total commercial planes to 17.

With the new aircraft onboard, the company says that it will enhance customer service as well as help with routine maintenance and repair work. 

With the significant increase in the number of flights, passengers will be able to book flights according to their convenient time. The additional planes will also help in regular maintenance,” said Rupesh Joshi, marketing director of the company.

Back in April, Buddha bought another ATR-72 series aircraft to balance its increased flight operations. The company started the procurement of new ATR planes after selling 25-year-old Beechcraft flag carriers.

Buddha Air now has 17 French-made ATR aircraft

The new aircraft has been assigned the title 9N-AOC ATR. Now, Buddha Air has a total of 17 aircraft in service comprising 14 ATR-72 500 series planes while the other three being ATR-42320 series models.

As per the company, the new ATR plane will be deployed for commercial flights within a month.

Buddha Air is one of Nepal’s largest airline companies with over 150 domestic flights per day. The Kathmandu-based company also boards flights for Kathmandu-Banaras.

You can book your Buddha Air flight tickets from here.

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ATR is the world’s leading aircraft manufacturing company based in Blagnac, France. The company’s ATR-72 and ATR-42 series planes are the best-selling in the market.

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