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Buddha Air Sells 25-Year-Old Beechcraft Planes, to Buy ATRs

Buddha Air has sold its two oldest Beechcraft airplanes. The company will replace them with 3 larger-capacity ATR aircraft. Canadian company Skylink bought the two old planes.

The Beechcraft flag carriers flew for Buddha for 25 years. The private commercial airline company started its service in 1997 and flew 9N AEE and then 9N EW in 1998. Both aircraft cost $4.5 million back then.

The company said that it decided to sell its long-serving planes after problems in their maintenance and management. At the same time, the company reasoned that in a competitive commercial aviation industry in Nepal, staying in business with small-capacity planes is becoming harder.

Recently, in the wake of the Yeti plane crash in Pokhara, Nepali airlines have received much flak for flying old planes in Nepal. But Buddha Air says that the Canadian company bought its over 2 decades old planes because, after proper maintenance, they will perform efficiently.

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A proof that planes don’t get old!

‘A plane never gets too old to fly, it is the proof’, Buddha Air said, ‘the plane we flew for 25 years has been purchased by the Canadian company to fly commercially again.’ According to the company, an aircraft only needs to be maintained timely for its effective service even after years.

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Buddha Air sells old planes, to buy ATRs

Buddha Air will replace its fleet with ATR planes. As per the company, it will immediately begin proceeding to land the new siblings to its ATR lineups. Currently, Buddha Air has 11 ATR-72555 aircraft with a 72-seat capacity. It also has 3 ATR-42 airplanes.  

The sold Beechcraft planes boarded 75,000 thousand domestic flights in Nepal. They will be taken to Canada in two weeks’ time.

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