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NEB Class 12 Result 2080/2023 Published | Check via Websites, SMS, IVR, and USSD

This post will guide you with various methods to help you check NEB Class 12 result for 2080/2023. The National Examination Board has published class 12 results on Shrawan 30 (August 15). This post helps you get your results online, SMS, IRV, USSD, etc.

As usual, the students have waited for three months since they sat through the nationally held exams and how they will find their results soon.

Officially, NEB is responsible for plus 2 or grade 12 board conducting exams and publishing results. Additionally, it partners with other service providers to publish the results via different means- website, SMS, IVR, etc. As we stated above, the result is likely to be out on Shrawan 30, you can download the result which comes in a PDF format to see your result. You may as well print it a couple of times for its hard copies.

Check NEB result Class 12 2080 (2023)

There are many electronic means to check the NEB result of class 12. You don’t have to wait in a cybercafe for your turn to get your results checked while newspaper days sound ancient these days.

You can check Grade 12 results 2080 through the official NEB website, SMS, and IVR online at the Nepal Telecom portal.  

BoardNational Examination Board (NEB)
LevelClass 12
Exam DateBaisakh 26 – Jestha 5
Other methodsSMS, IVR, USSD

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Check NEB class 12 results online

You can check your class 12 results online at or You get individual grades on both of these sites.

NEB Result Class 12

Check NEB results 2080/2023 on Ntc (

Check your grade 12 results on the Ntc website with the steps below:

  • Visit
  • Enter the details such as your symbol number and date of birth.
  • The computer or mobile phone will display your result containing all the necessary details such as grades, GPA, etc.
  • You can print the result for reference.

go to “” to check NEB class 12 results 2080 online

Check NEB results 2080 on neb

Follow the steps below to check your NEB class 12 2080 results through NEB the website:

Go to “” to check NEB class 12 results 2080 online

Check NEB class 12 results by SMS

You can check your Plus 2 result by SMS. For this, you need to send an SMS in the following format:

  • Go to your Message app
  • Type NEB<space><symbol number>
  • Send the SMS to 1600
  • For example, Type NEB 123456789 and send it to 1600.
Check NEB class 12 result 2080 SMS

After a few seconds, you get a reply message containing grades and GPA from your class 12 result.

type “NEB<space><symbol number>” and send to 1600

Check NEB class 12 results by IVR

Additionally, you can check your class 12 result by IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) method by dialing 1601 on your smartphone or a landline (PSTN) phone. You need to follow the instructions provided during the call to get the result.

When the call successfully connects, the pre-recorded system will get you the results with your subject-wise grades and GPA.

dial “1601” on your phone and follow instructions

Check NEB result class 12 by USSD

You can also check your class 12 result by the USSD method by dialing *1600#.

  • Go to your phone’s dial.
  • Enter *1600#.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen.
Check NEB class 12 result 2080 ussd

When all’s done, you get subject-wise grades and overall GPA on your phone screen.

When all’s done, you get subject-wise grades and overall GPA on your phone screen.

Enter [*1600#] on the phone app and follow insturctions

Original Class 12 mark sheet and certificate

You will need to wait a few weeks to get your original mark sheet or report card of Class 12 results. You also get your provisional certification, migration certificate, and transcription that contains results from both Class 11 and Class 12. Your school provides you with your report card and a character certificate while the provincial NEB office will provide you with the other documents.

NEB 12 result grade system

The government has phased out the marks system and replaced it with GPA. So, you won’t get to see how many marks you scored in your class 12 exams. However, the grades do correspond with a certain mark range which helps you guess how much you pulled in each subject. Below, you can find Grade GPS and their corresponding marks range.

Marks RangeGrade GPAGrade PointPerformance verdict
70-80B+3.2Very good

Marks below 35 are treated as NG or Non-Graded. In the traditional sense, that is considered “failed”.

Frequently Asked Questions NEB Plus 2 results

What is NEB?

NEB stands for National Examination Board. It is the governing body of Secondary level Examination and other activities.

What does NEB do?

In the past, exams up to class 10 used to be coordinated by the SLC board and class 12 exams would be operated by HSEB (Higher Secondary Education Board). However, under the new format, NEB has replaced both SLC and HSEB boards and conducts the operation for classes 10-12 treated as secondary-level education.

How to check NEB class 12 2080 results?

You can check your NEB result 2080 on websites, or by SMS, IVR, and USSD methods.

When were the previous Class 12 exams held?

The board exam for the 12 grade was conducted from Baisakh 26 to Jestha 5, 2080.

NEB Class 12 result date

NEB published the class 12 results shortly after a meeting held today Shrawan.

How to check NEB 2080 result online?

You can check your NEB Class 12 results on NEB, NTC site.

Can I check my NEB result by SMS?

Yes, you can check your NEB Grade 12 result 2080 (2023) by SMS, IVR, and also by the USSD method.

Remember: Due to the traffic congestion in the early hours, online or offline platforms will struggle to open. We urge you to be patient and continue trying to access it. It will open normally after a few hours.

We wish good luck to all the participants of the NEB class 12 board exams and hope you get the results better than you are expecting.

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