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Fonepay Launches “Superyatra” Campaign: Here are the Steps to Win MacBook Air and Cashback

Fonepay has launched a “Superyatra” campaign on the occasion of the Dashain Tihar festival 2080. The offer brings a chance for customers to win a MacBook Air and attractive cashback on booking an airline ticket using a mobile banking app.

The campaign is effective from October 4 to October 28, 2023.

The payment system processor has brought the campaign for its users who use mobile banking apps to pay for flight tickets. The company maintained that the aim of launching this campaign was to highlight the ease of use and convenience of buying plane tickets on smartphones.

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Win a MacBook Air and cashback

Fonepay’s Superyatra campaign brings a chance for you to win a brand-new MacBook Air which will be decided in a lucky draw. For this, you need to purchase a flight ticket on a mobile banking app during the runtime of this campaign. This offer is open to all Fonepay users and banking and financial institutions.

Additionally, 1000 Fonepay users making their first flight ticket purchase via a mobile banking app will receive Rs 200 cashback by using the promo code SUPERYATRA200.

How to participate in the Fonepay Superyatra campaign?

Here are the steps to purchase plane tickets and participate in the Fonepay Superyatra campaign:

  • Log in to your mobile banking app.
  • Go to the Payment section and find Fonepay Bills.
  • Tap on International Flights or Domestic Flights.
  • Enter details and proceed.
  • Confirm your details again and tap on Confirm.

Speaking on the motif for bringing the campaign, Subodh Sharma, Fonepay’s Chief Strategy Officer said, “Our campaign aims to make it more appealing for travelers to opt for mobile banking app when booking airline tickets. Our objective is to bring more and more customers into the digital payment system and a campaign like Superyatra is a step towards that objective”.

Fonepay is available on the majority of mainstream digital wallets and mobile banking apps.

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