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Hamro Pay to notify QR payment with Koili bird’s voice

Hamro Pay app has launched a QR code payment notification service that confirms the successful transaction with a cuckoo bird’s voice. Called “Koili audio,” the audio equipment and sound box will sound out with a Koili bird’s voice upon successful QR payment at merchants.

Hamro Patro and Biz Craft collaborated to bring the sound box to the Nepali market. In recent days, audio notification sound boxes have been trending among prominent tech companies and mobile payment service providers. Prior to this, Machhapuchchhre Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Yarsa Tech, and Prabhu Bank have also launched similar services. Now, Hamro Pay, Hamro Patro’s in-app digital wallet venture has also joined the lot.

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Hamro Pay inaugurated its Koili audio QR payment notification system on October 11, Wednesday at Cooker Coffee in Aloknagar, Kathmandu.

QR payment is a mainstream mode of payment among smartphone users in Nepal. However, it’s not without its own annoying flaws. Delayed SMS confirmation and unavailability of mobile phone or owner for the registered number frustrate the customers. However, such sound boxes audibly confirm and ascertain the payment saving time and bringing convenience to both the merchants and users.

Hamro Pay brings Koili audio confirmation device for QR payments

Hamro Patro says that its Koili audio system accepts QR payments from all digital wallets. To get the sound box, users and merchants need to contact Hamro Patro.

The QR stand comes for free while one with the audio system comes at a small price on a monthly renewal basis or permanent purchase.  

Hamro Pay, despite being a fresh entry in the digital wallet payment landscape has been able to cause quite a stir. Recently, the company brought an inter-wallet transfer feature allowing users to send money to over 20 wallets. Integrated within the super app “Hamro Patro,” Hamro Pay’s zeal for continuous addition of unique features could make it a major mobile payment option in no time.

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