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Hamro Pay introduces wallet-to-wallet money transfers, supports over 20 wallets

Hamro Patro’s in-app digital wallet Hamro Pay digital wallet has launched a wallet-to-wallet money transfer (inter-wallet) feature. The company’s Chief Executive officer (CEO) Shankar Uprety shared the exciting news on his LinkedIn post.  

The idea of sending money from one wallet to another has indeed been a long-sought one. However, it is by far more intriguing that newcomers such as Hamro Pay are launching this service ahead of the industry leaders such as eSewa and Khalti which makes it a milestone in Nepal’s mobile wallet landscape.

Before Hamro Pay, Moru Digital Wallet launched the inter-wallet fund transfer service in Nepal.

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Send money to more than 20 other digital wallets

And what’s more, Hamro Pay has made the function very accessible and beneficial. Uprety shared that users can send money from the Hamro Pay wallet to up to over 20 digital wallets.

Uprety announced, “We are very proud to be one of the first wallets to bring interoperability among digital wallets. Now Hamro Pay users can send money to more than 20 wallets.”

Hamro Pay users can send money to other digital wallets such as Khalti, IME Pay, Namaste Pay, Sajilo Pay, PrabhuPay, Moru, etc.

As you may have noticed, prominent PSP eSewa is not on the list. Uprety and Hamro Pay haven’t shared any statement regarding the absence of the popular wallet in its inter-wallet transfer service compatibility. However, let’s hope that eSewa will also feature soon on the list.

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How to send money from Hamro Pay to other digital wallets

To transfer money from Hamro Pay to another digital wallet, follow the given steps:

  • Launch the Hamro Pay app.
  • Tap on Send Money.
  • Choose your destination wallet to send money to.
  • After this, enter the registered mobile number of the target user of that wallet.
  • Proceed with a few basic steps then tap on Confirm.
  • Enter the PIN for verification to send money to the selected wallet.

The news is hugely exciting for digital wallet users not just the Hamro Pay’s growing user base but in general all. Nepal’s fintech market is one of the most vibrant and continuously innovative. The latest benchmark feature from Hamro pay will likely push the trend sooner rather than later. And given that Nepal Rastra Bank has called for inter-wallet interoperability, the start of the feature is just the beginning in that direction.

How excited are you about Hamro Pay launching an inter-wallet fund transfer feature? Will it compel you to switch to the new wallet, or wish your existing one to introduce the service soon? Do share in our comment section below.

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