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Nabil Bank Wins Infosys Finacle Innovation Award for nbank

Leading private commercial bank Nabil Bank has been presented with Infosys Finacle Innovation Award 2023 for its nbank service.

The bank earned recognition in the Product Innovation Category for starting the innovative nbank service including nbank Web. The bank won the “Platinum Award” for its digital banking practice.  

In total, 10 categories had received over 200 nominations in which Nabil Bank eventually came out as the winner.   

Regarding the award, the bank’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gyanendra Prasad Dhungana said that it reflected the institution’s drive for digital banking and innovative thinking approach.

He continued that the award has inspired more energy to bring sustainable, simple, and best banking services to customers, employees, investors, and the wider community.

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Nabil Bank leading Nepal’s digital banking practice with nbank

Nbank is Nepal’s pioneering mobile banking platform which allows multiple digital banking services of the bank without customers’ physical presence at the bank.

Nbank is Nepal’s first mobile banking platform that provides digital banking services without the presence of the customer at the bank. Customers can get services with the help of nbank without filling out any physical form or going to any branch.

Nabil Bank nbank neobank

Nbank is available on the bank’s mobile banking app. Extending its digital banking services further, the bank recently launched nbank Web which provides multi-faceted banking services for customers on laptop and desktop computers.

The bank says that the award is a testament to its leading stature in Nepal’s banking sector and has further inspired the bank to continue giving innovative digital banking services.

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