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House rent tax rebate for electric vehicle buyers in Lalitpur

Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City has announced that it will implement a no-tax policy for electric vehicle buyers. The local body unveiled the EV-friendly policy as it presented the annual budget for FY 2080/81.

Deputy Mayor Manjali Shakya presented the budget of Rs 3 billion, 50 crore, and 5 lakh, and 88 thousand for FY 2080/81.

Lalitpur has been one of the local levels to endorse and promote the use of EVs and this new policy is expected to play an equally crucial role in raising EV shift in the city.

Of it, a total of Rs 4 billion, 21 lakh, 46 thousand, and a total of Rs 2 billion, 49 crores, 84 lakhs, and 42 thousand capital budget has been allocated.

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Lalitpur leading electric vehicle shift

Back in July 2022, the city announced that it will only buy and use electric vehicles for government purposes. At the time, the city Mayor Chiri Babu Maharjan announced the policy after handing over the keys to 5 five electric scooters to its Quick Response Team (QRT).

Due to its lower maintenance costs, eco-friendly nature, and other benefits, EVs have become a trend lately. And its popularity is only taking a higher trajectory. As per the latest Customs Department data, EV import doubled till Jetstha in FY 2079/80 with 100 kw capacity vehicles being the most dominant in the Nepali market.

Both electric scooter cars are making their presence in Nepal’s burgeoning automobile market. Lalitpur’s house rent tax-free policy could prop up another momentum in people’s shift towards electric vehicle adoption.  

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