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Lalitpur Metro Commits to Buy Only Electric Vehicles

  • Lalitpur Metro commits to buy only electric vehicles as announced by the Mayor Chiri Babu Maharjan
  • The metro also handed over 5 electric scooters to the newly formed Quick Response Team, a law enforcement wing

Lalitpur Metropolitan City has announced it will only buy electric vehicles from now on. Speaking at a recent ceremony held at the Office of the Metro for the unveiling of the Quick Response Team (QRT), the re-elected Mayor, Chiri Babu Maharjan declared his office will only purchase EVs and expects the eco-friendly policy helps Nepal in its part to realize its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

On the same occasion, the mayor also talked about Nepal’s sustainable policies.  

 “SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Agenda for 2030 aims to displace petroleum vehicles by the end of the decade”, he said,” “and Nepal also is also an essential member of this agenda. But, Nepal has set the target for 2040 with amendments. Now, we are in 2022, so the deadline isn’t far from us. So, now we will commit to the policy to only buy electric vehicles and not any diesel or petroleum-powered vehicles. All our purchased vehicles will only be EVs,” he added.

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Lalitpur Metro Commits to Buy Only Electric Vehicles, Hands Over 5 Electric Scooters for Quick Response Team (QRT)

On the same occasion, a total of five electric scooters were handed to the Lalitpur Metropolitan City Police by the mayor’s office. The eco-friendly vehicles can run up to 80 Kilometers on a full charge. The vehicles will be mobilized for patrolling by the newly formed Quick Response Team (QRT), a new law enforcement wing of the Lalitpur Metro.  

The mayor also shared that he expects the electric scooters will run down the costs spent otherwise on petroleum vehicles. He also shared the metro will increase the number of these two-wheelers soon.

“We need to work in the field round the clock. So on average, each scooter consumes 7 liters of petrol which would incur one thousand rupees each daily. This means five scooters would cost around 5 thousand daily. But with the adoption of electric scooters, our costs would reduce greatly, said Sitaram Hachhethu, Chief of Lalitpur Metropolitan City Police shared.

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He also talked about the new scooters’ efficacy. The electric scooters don’a t need long charging time either. “We can charge them for 2 hours and drive them reducing both the costs on fuel and no pollution,” he added.

How do you see Lalitpur Metro taking the initiative to buy only electric vehicles? Should other metros also follow the suit? Do offer your perspective in the comments below,

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