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Hello Sarkar expanding to local levels, how to contact?

Launched to hear out and address the public’s grievances, the “Hello Sarkar” initiative will now be implemented at the local levels. While seeking a vote of confidence at the House of Representatives (HoR), PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said the program will now expand to the third-tier governments too.

Hello Sarkar was founded under the tenure of former PM Baburam Bhattarai on November 3, 2011. While it has remained operational at the federal level, soon, as the PM shared, will be available to the people in their own local areas.

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Hello Sarkar in local level governments is a delightful democratic process

Hello Sarkar coming to local bodies will ensure the government’s commitment to reaching out to people and sorting out many issues witnessed by the common public, a core hallmark of democracy and good governance.

“Hello Sarkar has been made more effective and will be extended to the local level in the coming days,” Prachanda said.

The Facebook page of the program launched by the government to listen to the people’s complaints has remained inactive for a long. Additionally, its Twitter handle and web portal have not been effective as should be. Under these circumstances, the PM said Hello Sarkar will be accessible at local levels for easier access for the people to their governments.

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How to call Hello Sarkar?

As stated above, you can contact Hello Sarkar via its social media handles or by phone call. However, it is susceptible if it will be that effective as it seems they are not operational actively in recent times. Anyway, you can communicate your issues to the popular and debated government platform via its Facebook or Twitter handles.

You can contact Hello Sarkar at its toll-free number 1111 and register your problems. In addition, you can also send text messages to 1111. Another way to contact Hello Sarkar is via its office number +97714211087, and Viber (9851145045). You can also mail your complaints to You can register your problems, issues, or about any irregularities from 7 am to 9 pm every day.

Are you delighted that Hello Sarkar is on its way to the local levels? Do you think it will make the program more effective? Do share in our comments section below.

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