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Kathmandu DAO Starts Time Card, Get Citizenship In 1 Hour

District Administration Office (DAO), Kathmandu has implemented a time card service for ten different services from January 5, 2023. The authority began the system to deliver services in a timely and effective manner to the public. Among the services, eligible citizens can now receive citizenship in 1 hour if necessary documents are met.

Chief District Officer (CDO), Kathmandu, Ghanshyam Upadhyaya said that the district brought time cards on ten separate services.

According to Upadhyaya, the time card system is introduced to properly manage services communicated from DAO, Kathmandu district. With the time card service in place, people who visit with complete paperwork will receive service at a prior-set time.

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Citizenship in 1 hour after the implementation of Time Card in Kathmandu

With the time card service, people in Kathmandu can now get their citizenship in just 1 hour. Forget hours of paperwork and a hectic process, the services have been simplified and are more straightforward. Besides a fast citizenship service, corporate renewal can be done within 30 minutes. Upadhyaya further added that different time frames have been fixed for other services as well by the DAO.

Passport can be received in 15 minutes,” he said. At the moment, the government is trying to eradicate the need to stay in long queues at government offices for services. The Ministry of Home Affairs, the PM, and the Council of Ministers have all agreed to end the need for people to stay in queues outside government offices for public services. 

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30 minutes have been set aside for scheduling the dates for the case. “In the past, there were many complaints that there was a queue to collect national identity cards and passports, so this decision has been taken to manage it”, said Upadhyay, “There are still areas for improvement, this is the first attempt.”

The Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane stressed that the service of time card in Kathmandu should be expanded in other districts as well.  

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