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Routine of Nepal Banda closed, fake pages flooding

The popular Facebook page Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) has been closed on Monday, September 04 in the evening. Victor Paudel, the creator of the page, unpublished the page citing “attacks” much to everyone’s shock and puzzle.

Not only the Facebook page but also the pages on Instagram and Threads disappeared. The news saddened many followers of the page. But wait. If you thought that the RONB is gone forever, that is partially right. While the RONB Facebook page has been closed down, it is still not deleted, but only unpublished. So, if wished, Victor Paudel can get it back live again.

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Why is Routine of Nepal Banda Facebook page closed?

On his personal Facebook profile, Victor shared,”अब Attack गर्नु पर्दैन….
स्वार्थले खोलेको थिएन तै भएर बाल छैन… बाकि कुरा पछि गरौला!!
Now I am Free.. LEAVE ME ALONE.”

Before that, he shared a cryptic post, “Going to take bold Decision.”

facebook page routine of nepal banda closed

Earlier, there were conjectures that the page might have been hacked or someone could have had unauthorized access. However, Victor’s earlier and final post confirmed that his famous Facebook page was indeed pulled voluntarily by himself. We can see many wishing that he didn’t close the established page in the two posts he shared from his personal account.

Victor Paudel
Victor Paudel unpublishes his famous Facebook page “Routine of Nepal Banda”

Although he mentioned “attacks”, he refrained from revealing why and how he or his page was attacked. Though he has hinted that things could surface in the near future.

Back in January, the RONB team had created its smartphone app but it seems irrelevant as the official page has been pulled.

Fake pages flooding

Soon after it was confirmed that the original RONB page had been discontinued, many new pages with the same name were created. Many others also changed their name to Routine of Nepal Banda triggering a meme feast. And is likely to continue hotly in the coming days.

Despite being well-received by the netizens in Nepal, the RONB page has also been caught in multiple controversies frequently. In recent years, the page as well as the founder Victor has been blamed for their supposed affinity with Kathmandu’s mayor Balen Shah (Balen). Do you think that it had to do with the attack Victor was pointing to? And do you wish the page to be back again? Do provide your opinion in the comment section below.

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