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Rebranded Tootle relaunched in Nepal, with new logo and slogan

Ride-sharing platform Tootle has been relaunched in the Nepali market with a new management. ZAPP Services Pvt. Ltd. brought the service back into the market.

“The first Nepali ride-sharing app is back, after a short break,” the company’s rebranded website writes. The company adds that it is ready to redefine urban mobility with its refined app and vision.

Likewise, Tootle recently launched the Tootle Drive app for riders.

Users will be able to get ride-sharing services from Bhadra. ZAPP Services Cofounder Rubik Joshi said that so far over 2 thousand riders have joined its system. He added that Tootle will be expanded from ride-sharing to other community-based services too.

Before its closure, Tootle was one of the top ride-sharing services in Nepal but its market share has been claimed by other competitors since then. Now, its first priority will be to gain its user base and keep its momentum going.

Free sign-up for riders

Currently, the company is not charging a fee for riders to join its network. For the first month, 15% commission from motorbikes and 12% commission from cab drivers will be charged. The amount will grow slightly afterward.

After one month, 20% and 15 % commission will be charged from the motorbike and cab respectively. Check out: Ride-Sharing Service is Now Legal in Bagmati Province

Less waiting time, faster pick-up time, and security focus are some of the features of the new Tootle app.

ZAPP Services has changed the Tootle logo and its theme. Previously, the theme of the service was “Together we move”, now it has been changed to “Towards your destination”.

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