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Find information on heritages in Kathmandu by scanning QR codes

Now, it has become possible to find information on heritages in Kathmandu by performing a QR scan. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has enabled information via QR codes for Nandikeshar Temple, Shankar Kirti Mahabihar, and Naxal Bhagawati temples.

This digital feature will be helpful for local as well as foreign and any visitors to find out the historical information regarding the heritages. This will enrich people’s knowledge of the history of the monuments in Kathmandu while also disseminating rightful and in-depth history about them.

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Find authentic information on heritages in Kathmandu by scanning the QR storyboard

Kathmandu Metro installed QR codes by collaborating with Saarang for its technology. The QR codes can be used in 10 languages such as Nepali, English, Japanese, German, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. After scanning the QR storyboards, visitors get information about the heritage via audio.

Ward no. 1 Chairman Bharatlal Shrestha said that the QR service has been started with the aim that the visitors who come to visit monuments with cultural, historical, and archeological importance can easily get information about the heritage through the use of technology.

He shared, that tourists carry smartphones with them. After scanning QR codes, they can find information about the temples, their history, fairs, rituals, and other social and religious rituals related to them. The technology rids them of having to ask others about them.

Likewise, ward secretary Sarwagya Paudel said that tourists who come to visit Thamel, and Durbar Marg come to various temples, stone taps (dhunge dhara), mahavihar, etc. The QR codes have been installed so that they can easily find information about these historical monuments.

Kathmandu is a city of temples and home to some of the most popular heritages in Nepal. Disseminating the correct and authentic information will pay the utmost respect to the creators of those artifacts.

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