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The government gives online radio legal recognition in Nepal

For the first time, the government has given online radio legal recognition in Nepal. Making the 12th Amendment to the National Transmission Regulations, the electronic radio system is now recognized as a legitimate service. The amendment has been published in the national gazette (by the Department of Printing).

This groundbreaking shift in the government’s stance now enables willing individuals and companies to install tower and radio frequencies and start online radio services. This brings them under government regulation, subjects them to taxation, and also provides them with many government services and benefits. However, it will require a license.

There are many traditional radio and FM services in Nepal. However, radio inspired by the internet is not commercial despite several companies or individuals wanting it. The new amendment not only serves as an encouragement but also aligns with the ethos of the digital transformation of Nepal. Online radio is also recorded and broadcast as video content.

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The newly-amended regulations have defined online radio as produced by using the internet with the same domain or radio stations broadcast audio content as per a routine through OTT.

The amendment holds that the digital program distribution organization shall arrange the server, storage, and other infrastructures of the digital program and that they shall provide the digital program to the licensee of any distribution system as per the demand in all fairness.

online radio gets legal recognition in Nepal

Online radio has become more popular lately due to the rise in smartphone accessibility which enables the listeners to tune into the radio/FMs on the internet.

The department also rules that any company that wants to operate a franchise program in Nepal must obtain permission from the Ministry of Communication, Information and Technology (MoCIT). Check out: YouTube Channels to Require a License, To Cost Rs.5 Lakh

What do you think of the government legally recognizing online radio? Is it going to mark a game-changer in the communication industry? Do share your input in the comments below.

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