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A charging station comes into operation in Chandrapur

An electric vehicle (EV) charging station has been established and brought into operation in Chandrapur Municipality, Rautahat. Costing Rs 2.75 crore, the charging station was set up with the initiative of Chandrapur Municipality and support from the Madhesh Province.

While the number of EV charging stations is growing in Nepal, it still pales in comparison to the number of fuel stations (petrol pumps) and it’s simply not enough to move the consumers towards eco-friendly vehicles with peace of mind. But there are efforts made too. From now on, every new fuel station must have an EV charging station. Private, government, and manufacturers are also setting up their own charging stations in different parts of the country.

Add to it, most EV charging stations are in cities and in more affluent areas barring NEA’s 51 EV charging stations nationwide. But now, the charging station in Chandrapur seems to bridge that discrepancy. It’s a strategically located charging station for people who are set out on long trips.

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EV charging stations in Chandrapur

The charging stations include 2 30/30 kW CCS2 and 2 GBT ports for EV charging suited for high voltage and low voltage charging requirements. This allows four four-wheelers to charge concurrently. Additionally, there are 6 charging guns for two-wheelers and three-wheelers. In total, up to 10 EVs can be charged at the same time. People on long highway rides as well as the locals can benefit from this EV charging station in Chandrapur municipality with DC fast chargers. Check out: Best Electric Cars Price in Nepal | Latest 2024 Update

A lady trying to charge her EV with a charging gun

Sanjay Kafle, mayor of Chandrapur municipality, lauded the largest charging station in Madhesh province coming into operation. He said, “Charging stations help minimize the fuel import and sell domestically generated electricity.”

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Prior to this, people had to go to Hetauda and Hariban to charge their electric vehicles. The initiation is expected to promote EVs in the Madhesh Province as well as in the locality.

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