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Honda Starts Assembly Plant in Nepal Worth Rs 1.5 Billion

World-renowned Japanese auto manufacturer Honda has started an assembly plant in Bhairahawa, Nepal. The plant worth Rs 1.5 billion has started assembling its first model Dio scooters for the Nepali market.  

The assembly plant was inaugurated by Honda Motorcycle Business Head Minoru Kato. Also present were Padam Jyoti, the Chairman of Jyoti Group, and Saurabh Jyoti, the Chairman of Syakar Trading, among others.

Similarly, the event also had the presence of many national and foreign representatives as well as employees.

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Honda assembly plant in Nepal

The Honda assembly plant is set up in Rohini Rural Municipality ward no. 4. It’s stretched across 6.19 acres. It’s said that the construction of the whole plant incurred Rs 1.5 billion.

Honda motorcycles assembled by a company called Himal Moto Pvt Ltd will be sold and distributed by Syakar Trading Pvt Ltd. Both these companies are companies under the Jyoti Group.

The Honda motorcycles will be assembled by Himal Moto Pvt. Ltd. while Syakar Trading Pvt. Ltd. will sell and distribute them in Nepal. Both are owned by Jyoti Group.

Honda’s plant facility is the latest in the series of many auto brands starting their own in Nepal. Hero, Yamaha, and Bajaj have also made progress in making their motorbikes, and scooters in Nepal. The companies are encouraged to start their production in Nepal after the government relaxed taxes for assembling vehicles in the country.

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We can expect that Honda motorcycles and scooters might see their price slightly lower once they come off the assembly line to the market.

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