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Electronic Quick Response Team operational in Kathmandu

The District Police Range of Kathmandu has begun the operation of its Electronic-Quick Response Team (E-QRT) to provide enhanced security. Under this initiative, the security enforcement team will have GPS and other technological tools to reinforce security within its area of authority.

The QRT initiative comes as part of its Safer Valley Project concept. It involves listening to the public’s complaints and grievances regarding their public safety concerns and addressing them in the more efficient and speedy manner.

Senior Superintendent of District Police Range, Kathmandu Bhupendra Khatri says that the e-QRT will not only improve the fact-based investigation but also monitor the employees.

QRT was initiated by Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan as well. Now, the Kathmandu district has brought more digital technologies to mobilize it with more efficiency for the entire district.

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Implementation of E-QRT in Kathmandu

The e-QRT initiation has been initiated and will gradually expand throughout Kathmandu in phases. In the first stage, 60 teams have been mobilized with digital technology. Under this, all the team members are tagged with GPS equipment, so their handling of the situation and how they proceed and interact with the public is also recorded. Likewise, the GPS assists the team in identifying and reaching the place quickly from the district premises and other divisions.

Besides, GPS, the e-QRT team members have at their disposal a video camera, radio set, light siren, etc.

In recent years, the Kathmandu security enforcement agencies have accentuated their digital efforts to make their operations more efficient and quick. For e.g., ANPIR for identifying traffic rule violators and equipment for drug tests to name a few.

Kathmandu is a city with 6 million people residing in it. Therefore, it poses an enthralling challenge to make it a safe place for all. E-QRT in Kathmandu is one of the technology-quipped initiatives that should help the police in running its operations more efficiently.

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