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Siddhartha Bank launches ‘Pink Debit Card’ service to aid women’s health

Siddhartha Bank has launched a pink debit card service with the aim of contributing to women’s health-related activities. Marking the occasion of International Women’s Day, the prominent commercial bank brought its new-colored debit card service into operation.

The women customers can subscribe to the bank’s pink debit card service with a Nari Bachat Khata.

The payment debit card is aimed at promoting women’s health. The service has been specially launched for women who have Nari Bachat Khata at the bank.

The bank says the Pink Debit card service not only serves as a financial tool but also reflects its commitment to women’s well-being. Playing a contributing role in supporting women’s health is the bank’s purpose.

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Siddhartha Bank pink debit card features

The bank says that the 0.10% of transactions the Pink Debit Card users make through POS and eCommerce will be utilized to the women’s health objectives. The card is also free of any charges for its first year. Don’t miss: All You Need to Know About Mobile Banking in Nepal

A customer with a Nari Bachat Khata account at Siddhartha Bank is eligible for the unique Pink Debit Card offering.

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