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Kathmandu Metro sets fee for filming inside Hanuman Dhoka Durbar area

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has set a fee structure for filming inside the Hanumandhoka Durbar area effective from Shrawan 01, 2080. The local body implemented the charging structure for both foreigners and Nepalese inside the “World Heritage Site” as per its property tax 2080 for Nepali Fiscal Year (FY) 2080/81.

As per the ruling, foreigners and Nepalese will have to pay a sum for a film shoot inside the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar area. The charges have been structured differently though.

foreigners will have to pay Rs 55 thousand per day for shooting a film inside the popular tourist destination. On the other hand, Nepali citizens must pay Rs 25 thousand a day.

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Likewise, shooting a short film, documentary, and music video will cost Rs 25 thousand for foreign nationals and Rs 10 thousand for Nepalese. For shooting an ad, the Metropolis has set Rs 60 thousand per day for foreigners.

Filming fee inside Hanuman Dhoka Durbar AreaFor film shootingFor short films, documentary
For foreignersRs 55,000Rs 25,000
For Nepali citizensRs 25,000Rs 10,000

All the wards within the Kathmandu Metro have been sent a circular to implement the filming fee inside the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar area from Shrwan 01.


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