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Kathmandu Metro sets parking fees for two and four-wheelers: find the rates

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has fixed parking fees for two and four-wheelers. The local government set the new parking rates as per its Financial Act 2080 effective from Shrawan 01, FY 2080/81.

The metropolis assured that the new parking charges have been determined to bring uniformity within its jurisdiction. It has also appealed to the public to inform the authority if they are charged more than the prescribed fare.

However, buildings used for commercial purposes such as marts, restaurants, shopping complexes, malls, hospitals, and other health service providers within the Kathmandu metropolis are not allowed to charge any parking free from any vehicle owners.

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bike and taxi Parking charges in Kathmandu

As per the rule, it will cost two-wheelers such as motorbikes and scooters Rs 15 per half an hour for parking in Kathmandu, and Rs 25 per hour. If the time exceeds an hour, Rs 5 will increase per 15 minutes.

Likewise, four-wheelers such as cars, and jeeps will need to pay Rs 40 for half an hour parking, and Rs 75 for an hour. Additionally, after an hour, Rs 15 will increase every 15 minutes.

Parking fees in Kathmandu summary

Below is the summary of vehicle parking fees in Kathmandu. Check out for both two and four-wheelers.

Parking charges in Kathmandu30 minutes parking1 hour parkingAfter 1 hour
Two-wheelersRs 15Rs 25Rs 5 after every 15 minutes
Four-wheelersRs 45Rs 75Rs 15 after every 15 minutes

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No taxes on buildings for parking purposes

Also, buildings constructed for commercial parking purposes will be exempted from property tax for 10 years. The metropolis has warned that it will take strict action against those who use an area for other commercial purposes that have been approved for parking.

The metro will supposedly collect property tax and others from such places. The city government led by Balen Shah has been very strict regarding the unauthorized use of areas designed for parking. The city says that no permission will be given to operate vehicle parking on public roads.

Kathmandu Metro’s decision to implement parking fees has already been met with strong criticism on social media as many have complained that the parking rates are too costly and unacceptable. What do you think of the newly-set parking rates in Kathmandu? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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