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View Tower Basement Parking in Kathmandu is Ready for 400 cars, 700 bikes

The View Tower basement parking is ready in the old bus park, in Kathmandu. At its full capacity, the parking lot can accommodate 400 cars and 700 motorbikes. It will relieve the roadsides of vehicle congestion which will benefit pedestrians and riders both.

The decision to expedite the use of the view tower underground parking is coordinated under the leadership of Mayor Balen Shah. The construction of the View Tower is yet to be completed. Metropolitan police chief Rajunath Pandey informed that vehicles have started parking in the parking lot of the view tower.

The municipality has prohibited parking of any vehicles on the roadside to free up space for the public. In the past, the city struggled to remove such roadside parking however, the current local government has completely removed parking from over two dozen places in the city. As a result, the ever-congested Bagbazar, Exhibition Marg, Shankhardev Camper Area, Darwarmarg, Narayan Chowk, Baneshwar, Battisputli, Machhapokhari, Chabahil, Soltimode, Kalanki, Kalimati, and Kuleshwar areas look spacious these days.

After forbidding parking in these areas, there had been no alternative arrangement for the same. But a new arrangement has been facilitated for the vehicle’s riders in the city.

Under construction, the view tower in Kathmandu is planned to be Nepal’s tallest structure at 130 meters and 32 stories.

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Mandatory parking feature for every new building in Kathmandu

Metropolitan Police Chief Pandey said that arrangements have been made to make underground parking compulsory in every building. At present, there are 25 to 30 underground parking spaces within the Kathmandu metropolitan. He also added that underground parking is mandatory for every new building.

“We have removed parking from most of the places in the metropolis, now you can’t park on the streets and on the streets. We have arranged parking again in the basements, now everyone will be allowed to park only in the designated parking spaces,” said Pandey.

He informed that parking arrangements have been made at CTC Mall, Baneshwar Plaza, Kathmandu Mall, various branches of Bhatbhatini, Passport Department, RB Complex, Darbar Mall, various bank offices, and hospitals.

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The Metropolitan Corporation has made arrangements for parking by vacating the basements of 25 more places that are used for other purposes.

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