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Kathmandu Metro requires biometrics of house owners for map registration

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has started taking biometrics of house owners for map registration required for constructing a new house. With this, biometrics have become a necessity for starting the production of a new house in the nation’s capital.

The Department of Urban Management has started the service from its registration desk.

After completing the biometric update, the system automatically updates the house owner’s signature where it’s needed. The government has brought several automation regarding house, land, and property transactions such as Mero Kitta. This one initiated by Kathmandu Metro is the latest that should elevate public’s experience with government service.

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House owners’ biometrics in Kathmandu will be integrated into the banking system too

KMC says that the house owner’s biometrics have already been integrated into wealth tax and are planned for the same with the banking system. With this service shifting online, the public will be able to pay their fees for house maps on their smartphones.

The biometrics involve taking the thumb and index fingerprints. The department will also use retina and signature in the near future.

The service will be decentralized across other wards in Kathmandu.  Before applying through the EVPS system, the engineer prepares a map, and a file is finalized by collecting the necessary documents. Also recommended: Mayor Balen Sah Announces New Policies for Kathmandu Metro

This document is submitted online for a permit. Usually, the homeowner takes the help of an engineer or a consultant for this process. Biometrics is used to cross-check if the house owner’s submitted paperwork and details are correct. The system operates facilitates thanks to the use of mobile numbers of the house owners.

How secure and convenient will biometrics make for map registration? Should other local levels also follow suit? Do share in the comment below.

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