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All The Land Revenue Offices Will Go Online

In an attempt to make public services technology-friendly, the government has decided to turn all the Land Revenue Offices (Malpot Karyalaya) electronic. The decision aligns with the government’s drive for the digitalization of public services.

 As per the plan, the land revenue offices will be connected through the land revenue information system implemented in the land revenue office. Digitalization means the public will be able to get the service easily while the official records will also be stored electronically making it more organized and easily accessible.

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Land Revenue Offices will go online by Baisakh 02

Dr. Damodar Regmi, Secretary of the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation, said that the offices that are not connected to the electronic system have been instructed to initiate the connection in two phases. The government plans to connect all the Land Revenue Offices electronically by Baisakh 2nd and the end of next Ashar.

The department’s general director Padmanidhi Soti hoped that the online conversion of the malpot offices will make services more agile and efficient.

In recent times, the Ministry has been conducting regular Zoom video conferences with the staff of the Malpot and Napi offices to make the coordination mechanism effective and to make the work more efficient.

The land-related work in the banks will also be online now. For this purpose, the department has already reached agreements with Mega Bank, Prime Bank, Employees’ Provident Fund, and National Commercial Bank while many other banks are also joining it.

The online shift of the land revenue offices highlights another latest reinforcement in the attempt at the digital transformation of public services. The government plans to gradually turn all of its services online for higher customer satisfaction and convenience.

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