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Old Data from Government Websites to be Removed

All the remaining old data from the government websites are set to be deleted for upgradation purposes after the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers give the directive to the concerned state bodies. Now, the content from the old web pages, and links will be removed from the new web pages.

This is because many websites have retained older and irrelevant content on their websites which has only burdened the server resulting in poor website performance. Additionally, they are also causing concern for cybersecurity as judged from recent cases. This is why, old files from government sites are told to be deleted.

PM’s IT expert Prakash Rayamajhi said that while creating new websites, older files are removed but this practice hasn’t been followed in this case and hence the directive.

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 “In this way, the practice of keeping files and links to go to the old website, on the one hand, will put a load on the data server, and consume bandwidth, Rayamajhi said, “there is a possibility of high-security risk through old web pages. This instruction has been given because it carries meaning both economically and technically”.

. The government has also endorsed the idea of similar government websites. And many bodies of the Nepal government (GoN) have collaborated with private consultant companies to make webpages. However, these webpages are not timely updated and are found not to follow the standard protocols to ward off cybersecurity hazards. This is why, the PM’s office is also working on devising a uniform web template to address the scenario.

 IT Expert Rayamajhi shared that when the template is developed, all the state bodies will adhere to it for making new web pages.

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