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Sundar Yatayat to Start Ride-Sharing Service With Electric Scooters Only

Sundar Yatayat Pvt. Ltd. Will start providing ride-sharing service with 100 electric scooters from Baisakh 1, 2080. The company will start its service in three phases in Kathmandu.

It will start the service with 30 electric scooters in the first phase, then add 30 in the second, and 40 more in the third phase. The company will invest Rs 5 crore to start its trend-setting ride-hailing service.   

For the service, it will use 50 converted electric scooters and import the other 50, Sundar Yatayat Pvt. Ltd. Chairperson Bhesh Bahadur Thapa said.  

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Sundar Yatayat Ride-Sharing Service Currently Under Trial in Kathmandu

“At the moment, the company is testing 10 electric scooters for the service,” Thapa said, “As per our plan, the company provides an electric scooter to the interested riders if they come calling.” Nepali citizens with a driving license for two-wheelers are eligible to sign up for the company. So far, 1,600 riders have applied to join the company, as shared by Thapa, the company’s Chair.

He also claims that Sundar Yatayat ride-sharing service will be affordable compared to the service by other platforms. That is because electric scooters avoid the cost of fuel. To make up for it, passengers are also charged accordingly. Thapa claims, “Ride-sharing service with Sundar Yatayat will be 50 percent cheaper” compared to other ride-sharing

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The company has also made sound provisions for security for both the riders and its customers. Cameras are fitted on both the rear and front sides of the helmet. The recorded data is stored for 72 hours which is useful for complaints to the police in case of any inappropriate occurrence. Both riders and customers are also insured.

The company will first launch its service in Kathmandu and plans to extend it to Pokhara.

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