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Mega Bank Introduces Land Service Center, MoU Signed

Mega Bank has launched a land service center (bhu-sewa Kendra) into operation. The bank says it brought the land service into operation in coordination with the Department of Land Management and Archive under the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation

As per the Directory, 2076, and Land Service Center Operation Guideline (First Amendment), 2078, Mega Bank has started the service online.

The MoU was signed between the CEO of Mega Bank Rabina Deshraj Shrestha, and Bhoj Bahadur Shah, the General Director of the Department of Land Management and Archive regarding the release of mortgage withholding.

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After the service center comes into operation, Mega Bank’s representatives, land owners, and borrowers will be present at the bank’s land service center and submit the necessary documents online. Essentially, they can process the service without having to attend the land offices for the retention and release of the properties.

Mega Bank believes its online land service center will facilitate customers, banks, and offices with efficient work.

The Bank believes that it will save the time and cost of the customer and the bank, and the banking facility will be available at the right time and will create an apt environment to provide reliable services in an effective manner.

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