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Gandaki Transport Office Making its Services Digital

Gandaki Transport office will soon turn its services digital. As demand for a more transparent and time-efficient service grows, serving the public digitally will be a more trustworthy medium to satisfy everyone. And this is the first time, the office has integrated an online system for its services.

The online system is a combined effort between Gandaki Province and Gandaki Transport office (DLO). The office chief Dilliraj Rijal said it is the dream project for both entities.

He informed me that the office is currently migrating its old files to email and online systems. This will take at least 7 months.

The online transport-related works (including license services) will bring a huge relief to the public. Still, people have to stand in long queues at transport offices for various services.

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But this has also meant many fall victims to middlemen’s scams and lose money.  Shifting its services online will help minimize the public risk of possible irregularities and illegitimate activities.

Nagarik app has also shown promise of an integrated online service that includes transport-related government services and there are attempts too. But without the office itself going digital, it won’t be completely effective. Traffic services remain one of the areas where the Digital Nepal Framework must afford a better paradigm shift and an online system will be as effective for the public.

How convenient is it to receive transport-related services online? Do you prefer the office include all services for the convenience of the public? You can share what you think in the comments below.

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