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Bhatbhateni Begins Vertical Parking at Tangal Outlet | 44 Cars 11 Floors

Bhatbhateni begins vertical parking at Tangal outlet has begun a smart vertical parking system. The fully automated parking facility can accommodate 44 four-wheelers on 11 floors.

Bhatbhateni’s vertical parking is Nepal’s first-ever of its kind and will bring convenience to the thousands of its daily customers at its Tangal outlet.

Director of Bhatbhateni, Min Bahadur Gurung inaugurated its and Nepal’s first-ever vertical parking system on Sunday (Nov. 7).

Bhatbhateni’s vertical parking at Tangal occupies 1500 sqft land with a capacity to house 44 four-wheelers. The smart parking system comprises 11 floors with 4 separate verticals. Each vertical can accommodate 11 vehicles totaling 44.

To systematize Bhatbhateni’s vertical parking facility, a card will be provided to the customers when they enter the parking lot. It will help with the authentication of the customer and also when one makes an exit out of the parking.

Bhatbhateni’s Vertical Parking at Tangal Is Nepal’s First-Ever

The leading supermarket chain says its smart parking system was the result of a hefty Rs.7 crores investment and took only 3 months of construction according to BBSM CEO Panu Poudel. He added that when an owner leaves his/her vehicle, the system will maneuver his/her four-wheeler to available space.

Bhatbhateni says it also has plans to establish an automated parking system at its other outlets in the coming days.

Omega Engineering was responsible to construct Bhatbhateni’s smart parking at the Tangal outlet. The firm says this is the first time a fully automated vertical parking system has come into operation in Nepal.

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Bhatbhateni is a leading retail chain in Nepal owned and operated by Min Bahadur Gurung in the capacity of Chairman and Managing Director. Currently, the successful chain has 19 outlets around the country and plans to add four more soon in Kathmandu that will total it to 23.

The supermarket chain also boasts an impressive 1.2 million active members and rakes in a whopping Rs.20 billion of business annually.

Bhatbhateni’s smart parking is the first in Nepal and brings relief to the shoppers who like to visit the store with a four-wheeler. If you own a vehicle then this might just be the convenience you have been waiting for.

What do you think of Nepal’s first-ever smart parking system at Bhatbhateni’s Tangal outlet? Do share your excitement in the comments below.

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