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Peak Electricity Demand on Laxmi Puja Reached 1270 MW | Exported 48 MW

Nepal’s electricity Peak demand on Laxmi Puja was higher than NEA initially felt. As per the data, the peak energy demand on Laxmi puja reached 1270 MW on the most illuminated day in the Nepalese calendar. This was higher than last year’s energy consumption by 147 MW. Interestingly not only that Nepal was lit up uninterrupted that day, but the country was also able to export electricity. Find amusing details below.

Tihar has become the benchmark to showcase Nepal’s leap towards a load shedding-free age. Just a few years ago, Nepali households tolerated an abysmal power outage of up to 18 hours that cast darkness across the country even during Tihar, the festival of lights an embarrassing contradiction. Fast forward to the present days, all that seems to be the thing of the past.

Tihar, the festival of lights now bathes in the lights. Laxmi Puja, the brightest day during the festival is the most immediate proof that we have left behind our ‘dark age.’

With lights illuminating the streets and houses, the day of Laxmi Puja requires the most power. This year too, the power demand on Laxmi Puja surged massively.

As per NEA (Nepal Electricity Authority)’s data, power consumption on Laxmi Puja of electricity reached 1270 MW, a record to date for the occasion. The electricity authority projected a peak demand of 1500 MW and made preparations accordingly.  Their initial plan did work in everyone’s favor as the power supply went smooth without an outage.

YearInitial projection 2078
Power consumption 2078
Power consumption
2077 (MW)
Peak demand150012701123147
Nepal’s Energy Consumption on the day of Laxmi Puja

NEA recorded the peak demand of 1270 MW at around 6:00 PM on Laxmi Puja. The number clocked 1123 MW last year (BS 2077), this year it registered a massive increase by 147 MW.

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48 MW Energy Exported To India

One striking highlight of this year’s Tihar must be that Nepal had the surplus energy left despite all the lights and shine around the country. This is the mark of a phase that the country has entered leaving behind a bleak day of load shedding. While we were dependant on foreign countries for power consumption, we are ushering in better days finally.

Power demand on Laxmi Puja is the best measurement of Nepal’s evolution in power generation and it is improving like never before. Instead of having to import, Nepal was able to export the surplus 48 MW of electrical power to India at the peak hours of the most demanding day of Laxmi Puja. A piece of news to behold.

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Electricity Consumption in Kathmandu and vicinity

Electricity demand on Laxmi Puja is the highest in Kathmandu and its surrounding areas. This year’s peak power demand was recorded at 320.64 MW. Meanwhile, the demand clocked only 296 MW last year (BS 2077).

YearElectricity consumption 2078
Electricity consumption
2077 (MW)
Peak demand320.6429624.64
Power consumption in the capital and its vicinity

In the current FY 078/79, 1614.8 MW has been registered as the highest peak demand for electricity. The number was recorded on Ashoj 10. Including the energy export, the maximum power demand reached 1758.8 MW on the very day.

Laxmi Puja day is the testing day for NEA and its management too. Everything relating to power matters reflects on their preparedness and competitiveness and the day keeps them at an intense day. For their credits, they played their part duly.

To ensure an uninterrupted power supply, Hon. Minister For Energy, Water Resources, And Irrigation, Pampha Bhusal, NEA Director Bishwoprakash Gautam, and Kapil Acharya, and NEA MD Kulman Ghising had reached Syuchatar Load Dispatch Centre and discussed the power supply with the personnel.

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NEA had urged its heads and technical staff of distribution centers around the country to stay alert and maintain the power flow without interruption.

Nepalese have nostalgic emotions when it comes to electricity outages just a few years ago. An illuminated day like Laxmi Puja has come to drown the days of hours of load-shedding a few years back. We can thank the governments, democracies, and the committed public servants at NEA for pulling us out of those despairing dark times.

Most of us have suffered from the frequent load sheddings in the past and gladly we don’t have a scheduled load shedding, to say the least. What has been your worst-ever experience? If you can rewind the memories, do share the instance with us in the comments below.

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