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Nepal’s total electricity capacity reaches over 2800 megawatts

The total electricity production in Nepal in 2080 has surpassed 2800 Megawatts, the latest report from the Ministry of Finance shows. The data highlights the total hydropower electricity capacity till Ashoj, FY 2080/81.

The data helps to gather that Nepal added a total of an impressive 61.37 megawatts of electricity in the first six months of FY 2080/81.

In total,  Nepal’s total hydroelectricity capacity has reached 2828.99 megawatts by   Poush, in 2080.

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Nepal’s total hydroelectricity capacity

So far, Nepal’s power is handled by government and private companies. Currently, the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) produces 661.57-megawatt capacity from companies under its coordination. Likewise, its subsidiary companies contribute with 478.1-megawatt power.

In terms of the private sector, 1621.38-megawatt power comes from their grid. Solar and other products also generate power of 6-megawatt.

The Finance Ministry says that around 900-megawatt power can be connected to the national transmission line at the end of FY 2080/81. Practically, Nepal can produce over 32,000 megawatts of electricity. However, the country is still far short of reaching that figure. Don’t miss: NEA is Issuing IPO, Waiting on Approval from the Energy Ministry

Delays in hydro projects, lack of funds, and COVID-19 among many factors have derailed Nepal’s power pride power projects. But the country has made remarkable strides in recent years. The company has left behind an embarrassing load-shedding era and NEA is able to fulfill demands almost across the country. Not only that the authority importing electricity in India in real-time, but it’s also in advanced talks to transact domestically-produced power in Bangladesh.

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